Things To Do in Kansas City with Kids!

Missouri is a state that is not really well-known to have many tourist attractions. Aside from its rich culture mixed with its jazz heritage, this state is not one to be chosen by many tourists. However, contrary to its reputation, it is actually one of the states that many recommend to go to for several reasons. Kansas City is one of them and as the capital of Missouri, it hosts a variety of activities that people can have fun in, especially those who have kids. The following are fun things to do in Kansas City with kids!


For those who love the arts, Kansas City has one of the most exciting art centers in the country. Kaleidoscope is an art center focused on giving children an artistic environment where they can express their creativity to the maximum. From drawing to coloring, and creating and decoration, this place is a great avenue of creativity for children. I have not been to Kaleidoscope myself because of busy schedules, but just the description alone makes me want to go the next time I visit.

CoCo Key Water Resort

Perfect for the summer seasons, CoCo Key Water Resort is the best place to be to have fun with the kids under the summer heat. Water resorts have always been a popular destination all over the country because of its unique concept of bringing the beach to the mainland. Who doesn’t like having fun in the water? As a child, I loved to swim, and many kids up till now love to go swimming in pools or at the beach and this resort is the perfect combination of both.

SEA LIFE Kansas City

There is nothing like watching fish swim all around you, especially when you are a kid. As a parent, it is our responsibility to expose our children to the wonders of the world and the sea is something that they barely get exposed to. With this aquarium, the kids will be able to experience what it is like underwater. It has many activities that they can enjoy such as walking through underwater tunnels and watching amazing demonstrations that are focused on giving an exciting and new experience to the kids.

Kansas City Zoo

Moving on with the beauty of nature, the Kansas City Zoo hosts a magnificent collection of animals from all over the world. Kids can watch in awe these beautiful creatures that they have only seen in pictures. Some of the activities that families can enjoy in this zoo include interacting with penguins in the Penguin Plaza and watching polar bears swim in the Polar Bear Passage, just to name a few.

There are many fun things to do in Kansas City, Missouri with kids. It all comes down to what your children are interested in. Kansas City offers a lot of activities that the entire family can enjoy and these are just some of the fun things to do, even if you have children tagging along with you. More about Kansas City, MO

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