24 Hour Bail Bond, The Benefits

Having a 24 hour bail bonds agent available to you can be extremely helpful. You never expect to be arrested or detained, so you can’t just schedule it into your daily routine. It’s important to be able to call and get 24 hour bail bonds when YOU need it most. We are prepared to come to the facility where you are being held to obtain your release.

When you need help in Independence, Kansas City, Raytown, or Blue Springs, you want someone that not only serves your area but who has a good reputation with the local law enforcement community. You also want 24 hour bail bonds agents just in case something happens outside of business hours. By being available at any time, day, or night, 24-hour bail bonds agents can begin processing the necessary paperwork as soon as you are booked – no matter the time. This is especially important since no one likes to sit in a jail cell. Having a bail bondsman capable of meeting your needs is vital when it comes to getting released from custody quickly.

It is our firm belief that you have the right to remain free while your legal case plays out, and a 24-hour bail bonds company can help you do that. All it takes is a phone call to Bratten Bail Bonds, who will immediately begin the process of arranging your release. Sean Bratten has established respectful relationships with law enforcement and legal professionals across Missouri and understands the rules and processes for bail bonds in each city. We offer bail bonds advice and options and provide solutions based on your individual circumstances. Police don’t stop arresting people when business hours stop – so we don’t stop working for you after business hours either! Check out some of our reviews to see for yourself:

  • “Highly recommend this company! Helped my fiancé and I out two different times. Great prices and fast service on some serious charges no other bondsman wanted to take. Thanks again so much for everything! He even bought donuts for the staff to speed up the process since it was a Saturday, and it helped a lot. It worked in our favor for sure! Fast and reliable! Not to mention the hold he had after bonded out and he was right there for us again! Awesome Company!!”
  • “I was bonded out early this morning!! These people came through for me! Gave me faith!! My baby was in daycare with nobody able to get him. I was crying, upset, scared, and didn’t know what to do, thanks to them I got out and now with my kids and back to work”
  • “I was in a tough spot traveling through MO. At 6am Sean got me bonded out and further helped in making sure I was ok to go on my way. My case was dragged out and he still spoke with me in the most considerate form of communication. When my case was finally resolved he contacted me, and we worked out the rest. Bratten Bond is the best! Extremely kind, patient, informative, and I could not have asked for a better experience! THANK YOU! Highly recommend them to anyone in a tough spot!”

Bratten has a 24-hour bail bonds company near you, based in Liberty, MO, when you need our help don’t hesitate to call! We will immediately begin working to ensure that you spend minimal time in jail. We have an available representative near you, 24 hours a day, all year round. One number (816) 415-4448 or contact us online to see how we can help you!

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