Bail Bondsman Covers Crimes in Platte County

If you need a bail bondsman, located in Platte County and you have a bondable crime, bail bondman Sean Bratten has got you covered! Bail bonds allow you the defendant to remain free, rather than stay in jail after your arrested while they continue to resolve your case. A bail bondsman is convenient for you in the aspect that you can still go to work and make a living while waiting for your sentence – which can sometimes be months depending on how long the legal system takes. Another benefit is you’ll get to be in the comfort of your own home with family and friends while you await judgement. In this time, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your attorney to plan a strategy while away from law enforcement and other prosecutors who may be listening in.

In order to be released however, you need to post bail. This is where picking the right bail bondsman is a huge factor. Certain conditions and circumstances determine your bail amount and if you can even post bail at all. Potential release at any time during the legal process is always there; immediately after arrest, or even after sentencing in court. Your crimes and charges determine your bail amount or if you can even hire a bail bondsman; this is all determined by a judge in a bail hearing.

Bratten bail bondsman works with several bondable crimes from simple misdemeanor charges up to more serious felony charges. Common crimes like assault, murder, drug charges, DUI/DWI; bond amounts are set by the courts based on a bail schedule. This is a list of various Penal Code, Vehicle Code, and Health and Safety Code violations mandated by Missouri Law. Essentially, bail bond amounts correspond with the crime. Cases involving spousal rape or battery, and terrorist threats can bail immediately with a bail bondsman if they can pay the amounts, and no hearing is necessary. If a bail hearing is necessary, they will have to wait until the courts hold it. Missouri Law allows the right to bail in all cases EXCEPT capital murder with valid proof or a strong presumption of guilt. For the non-capital cases law dictates that bail must be set at enough to ensure presence for trial but may not be excessive. Some other crimes that a bail bondsman in Platte County can assist with are physical assault, arson, petty theft, discharging a firearm, driving infractions, vandalism and trespassing, even destruction of property – to name a few.

When you call Bratten Bail Bondsman we work quick to make sure you’re released from any city or county jail, justice center or other facility that accepts professional bonds. We are fast, affordable, and super convenient. If you’re in need of a bail bondsman in Platte County that can bond you out of most crimes, call us today! 24/7, 365 days a year; we ALWAYS answer the phone! (816) 415-4448 or send us a message online!



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