Bail Bondsman: When Do You Need One?

When is the right time to hire a bail bondsman? Simply put – when you’re arrested. A bail bondsman is there to get you out of jail until a judge or jury decides if you’re innocent or guilty. According to state law, anyone who is arrested should be given bail and the ability to hire a bail bondsman unless there are circumstances that indicate the arrestee poses a danger to the community or are a flee risk.

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, if you are arrested in Missouri – stay calm and cooperate with law enforcement. Even if you feel you are innocent and your rights are being violated, its always easier and safer to cooperate. However, you have the right to ask why you’re being arrested, and you have the right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney. At this time, you should also call a bail bondsman to help get you a timely release. A Missouri bail bondsman can guarantee to the court that you will appear at your hearing as agreed.

When you hire a bail bondman you will pay a percentage of your bond amount, usually around 10 percent of the total bond, and this is a nonrefundable fee. This maintains your freedom until your scheduled court date. As your trusted bail bondsman, Bratten Bail Bonds will come to you wherever you are being held to help you post a bond. With a few different options including surety bonds and property bonds, we can offer you financial options that won’t break the bank. In many cases, we can guarantee your bond with a down payment and monthly installments on the balance.

Deciding who to choose as a reputable bail bondsman isn’t as easy as finding the first one in the area. Not all bail bondsmen are knowledgeable about the area, nor do they have the reputation that Bratten Bail Bonds has worked so hard to gain with law enforcement and legal professionals. Another thing most people like to see before hiring a bail bondsman is the reviews of the company – did you know most people will trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation? While you can’t control what kind of reviews customers will leave, you can control the quality of your services. Bratten Bail Bonds maintains a very high standard of quality and customer service, and it shows through our customers reviews. Here’s just some of what our customers are saying:

  • “Very fast service. He’s there to help and very reasonable prices!” – Gina Broadaway, Facebook Review
  • “Excellent response time. Found agent to be empathetic, kind and the fee was far less than competitors.” – Jacqueline Elaine Benn, Facebook Review
  • “Thank you, Sean! You made it easy in a stressful situation!” – Chris Lancaster, Yelp Review
  • “Bratten Bail Bonds is perfect with all you will need should you or a loved one need help. Twice now they have come to our aid with small bonds that many local bond agencies seem rude and even mean by comparison.” – Shonda Beck

Our bail bondsman is a step above the rest. At Bratten Bail Bonds our clients are our first priority. Our goal is to ensure our bail bonds services are fast, affordable, and convenient. We have representatives near you, so call today if you need a professional, knowledgeable bail bondsman. Servicing the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, one number (816) 415-4448 get you in contact with us.

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