Bratten Bail Bonds serves Platte and Jackson County Well

Bratten Bail Bonds services several areas in the metropolitan area and does it very well! If you need a timely release from jail, or are trying to avoid going to jail, hiring a bail bondsman in Platte County is your best choice. Bratten Bail Bonds has been servicing the area since 2003 and believes that everyone has a right to their freedom until proved guilty or innocent.

Bratten Bail Bonds has experience in helping families secure a timely release from jail for themselves or a loved one. Getting arrested can be scary, especially if you have no idea what to do once you get placed in a cell. We pride ourselves on the fact that we take time to educate and consult with our clients, as well as offering advice – we are there for our clients to the end. Bratten Bail Bonds pays close attention to the individual needs of each case and client. Each case is different, each client is different, and each bail bond is different, but with our expertise we’ll save you time and money! Bratten Bail Bonds has worked hard to build relationships with law enforcement and legal professionals across the state of Missouri to continue to stay on top of the rules and processes for each city and county.

Bratten Bail Bonds stands out over other bail bonds companies for several different reasons:

  • Fast, reliable service! Our clients can attest that we work quickly and since we’re local we can meet you in a very quick timeframe to make sure you’re back to freedom as soon as possible.
  • Reasonable pricing! We aren’t trying to make things any more complicated than they need to be, so we have several options available so as not to ‘break the bank’ while also dealing with the charges your being faced with.
  • Kind, empathetic mannerisms. No one wants to be in jail, we know that as much as you do – therefor we want to bring a kind, understanding presence with us while we get you back to the real world.

If you need more convincing, you can always read our reviews and make the judgement for yourself! If you or a loved one needs a bail bondsman that works with you and ensures your freedom – just call us today! A quick phone call and Bratten Bail Bonds will consult with you on what your next steps should be and guide you each step of the way. Contact us online, or call (816) 415-4448 anytime! We answer the phones 24/7, 365 days a year and we would be happy to help you!