Liberty MO Bail Bondsman Adapts To COVID-19 Social Distancing

Bratten Bail Bondsman in Liberty MO is open and will continue assisting people with bail bonds during these challenging times. Nearly every aspect of daily life — including the justice system and bail bondsman activities — have changed in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. While the order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone isolating and practicing social distancing, that doesn’t mean a bail bondsman stops working.

As the situation across the state evolves it has become necessary for the courts, legal community, and bonds agents to make some adjustments. Procedures are now consistent with the known best practices in preventing the spread of COVID-19. For instance, all trials and in-person criminal proceedings are being continued and rescheduled, and in-custody arraignments and pre-trial conferences are now being done by video conference. Many hearings will be heard in-person for now, and phone calls and emails will be used more for things like plea offers and negotiations, rather than having people working in close contact at the courthouse.

Significantly, some of the policy changes include jails restricting bookings as a COVID-19 precaution to only those that are mandatory, e.g. felonies, DWIs and the like. But even though fewer people are being booked into jail, a bail bondsman is still required when someone is arrested and detained.

You Need A Bail Bondsman When You’re Detained In Liberty MO

Bratten Bail Bondsman Liberty MO Clay County Detention CenterWhen you have been arrested in Clay County you will be transported to the Detention Center in Liberty MO and booked into custody. A bail hearing will be scheduled, usually within 48 hours, and the judge may issue a bail or bond amount. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you may call a bail bondsman to arrange a surety bond or property bond, which guarantees your appearance in Clay County Court in Kansas City, Missouri. Once a bail bond has been obtained, your bail bondsman will go to the Detention Center to post your bail and arrange for your temporary release. Make note that if a family member is helping you with your bail bond, it is always best to have them call either the jail or the court directly after you have been booked, in case of any changes to the bail bond procedures. To save time and trouble, you can access the bail bond policies for Clay County HERE

In some cases a bail bondsman can pick you up after posting your bail; however, due to COVID-19 isolation, the bail bonds process at Bratten Bail Bonds in Liberty MO has been altered to avoid in-person contact. Although in-person meetings are not possible, we are still effectively helping our clients. Our bail bondsman will communicate with you or your family by phone and email to arrange your bail and deliver the documentation to the jail. Once that is processed you will be released. You will need to obtain your own transportation, such as from a family member or a friend.

Bratten Bail Bondsman in Liberty MO is prepared to discuss your options with either you or your family members in order to provide a bond to secure your release from jail. We offer two main types of bonds – a Surety Bond and a Property Bond. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. Your FREEDOM is one phone call away.

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