Missouri Bail Bonds System: What to Do When Arrested

Missouri bail bonds, according to law, states that detainees should be given bail unless there are circumstances or a combination of circumstances that indicate you pose a danger to the community or are likely to flee from the jurisdiction.

If you have been arrested anywhere in Missouri, no matter where the arrest occurs, you should stay calm, don’t run, don’t argue or resist arrest, and don’t obstruct the law enforcement officer, even if you are innocent, and even if you feel your rights are being violated. It is better to cooperate. That being said, you have the right to ask why you’re being arrested, and you have the right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney. 

Following your arrest, you also have the right to reach out to ask if you can be released without bail on bond or have your bail amount lowered. You should also have a criminal court appearance scheduled within the first month of your arrest. 

Contact a Missouri bail bonds agent to help obtain your release from jail, and instead of remaining in custody, you will be free to await your court date in the comfort and safety of your home. Missouri bail bonds are a guarantee to the court that you will appear at your hearing as agreed.

When you hire a Missouri bail bonds agent, you will be required to pay a small fee, which is a percentage of your bond amount that is nonrefundable. As your trusted bondsman, Bratten Bail Bonds will come to you wherever you are being held to help you post a bond. We offer several options for bail bonds including Surety Bonds and Property Bonds. In many cases, we can guarantee your bail bond with a down payment and monthly installments on the balance, or a property bond that is secured with appropriate collateral. We may also offer Missouri bail bonds without collateral. Importantly, we will work with you, your friends, or a family member to find an affordable solution to get you out of jail.  

When you need a Missouri bail bonds representative fast, Bratten Bail Bonds has representatives near you, so don’t hesitate to call! We will immediately begin working to ensure that you or your loved one spends minimal time in jail.

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