Not All Missouri Bail Bonds Are the Same

Every Missouri bail bond is different, not all of them are simple DUI charges. Bratten Bail Bonds goes above and beyond DUI charges, we handle a multitude of charges to help you retain your freedom. Whether it’s an outstanding warrant or getting out of jail after being arrested, we’ve got you covered for Missouri bail bonds!

A Missouri bail bonds amount depends on the type of crime committed. A common crime such as assault or DUI will hold a lesser Missouri bail bond amount than say a felony like murder. All bail bond amounts are set by the courts based on a bail schedule; a list of various Penal Code, Vehicle Code, and Health and Safety Code violations mandated by Missouri law. The type of case you or your loved one is involved in also determines whether a bail amount is allowed to be paid immediately or if it requires a bail hearing. Missouri bail bonds are allowed in all state cases, except capital murder where proof is evident.

When choosing a bail bonds company to help you with your Missouri bail bonds, you want someone who is highly skilled, with various capabilities and has the knowledge you need for your case. Bratten Bail Bonds has worked extensively to build relationships with law enforcement and legal professionals across the state of Missouri; Jackson County, Cass County, Platte County, Kansas City, Liberty, Grandview, Independence, and Lake of the Ozarks are just a start of our list. Some other ways Bratten stands out above the rest when it comes to Missouri bail bonds:

  • We check with local law enforcement to figure out your bond amount
  • We complete all necessary paperwork to start the process of your bail
  • We accompany you to turn yourself in to law enforcement
  • We complete the process of getting your freedom

Missouri bail bonds of any degree can be handled with us here at Bratten Bail Bonds; providing you fast bail services for crimes that can even carry a felony conviction. We work with you, explaining things along the way so you understand the process the whole way. We mobilize to you within minutes, and we make sure you’re released in a timely manner. Don’t wait, call today – (816) 415-4448 – or contact us online!