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Bratten Bail Bonds is a veteran-owned bail bondsman serving Missouri citizens with locations in Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass Counties. We strive to provide courteous, professional service for the overall satisfaction of the customers we serve and the judicial systems within which we operate! In a business that has, at times, been corrupted by greed and lacking integrity, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service and promoting a respectable image for the bail bonds industry in general.

Getting arrested on a criminal charge often occurs when you least expect it – and it’s never a convenient time! Being in jail can impact your life, your job, your relationships with friends and family, and not in a good way. Until you are released on bond, you could spend a significant time incarcerated. You may feel frightened and overwhelmed while you wait for your case to be resolved. Bratten Bail Bonds can take the confusion, fear and doubt out of the equation with our compassionate, knowledgeable treatment and guidance.

There are many bail bonds companies in the greater Kansas City area, and while most will write a bail bond for you, many of them won’t take the time to explain the entire process. Bratten Bail Bonds wants all of our customers to have a clear understanding of the bonding process in Missouri and your particular jurisdiction – what all it entails and what you can expect.

Basically, bail is money that you must deposit with the court where your criminal case exists in order to remain free from jail while your court case is ongoing. The bond ensures that you will appear for all of your court appearances. A judge will set a bail bond amount based on your particular case, which can range anywhere from $100 on a misdemeanor charge to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a felony charge. In order for you to remain free from jail while you wait for your case to conclude, this money must be deposited with the court by someone on your behalf. As long as you go to all of your court dates, the bail bonds money is returned to whoever paid it after the case is concluded. In this situation, cash bail bond money is returned whether you are found guilty or not.

Kansas City-based Bratten Bail Bonds helps hundreds of defendants make their bail bonds each year when they cannot afford to pay the entire bail bond premium. Depending on the circumstances, we may also be able to help you! We have the knowledge and abilities to get you out of jail while you’re awaiting trial. We understand how it all works and our team of bondsmen are committed to providing the help you need fast! 

At Bratten Bail Bonds, we believe in the right of freedom for all citizens until deemed otherwise by a judge or jury, and by offering our bail bonds services we make getting out of jail as affordable and hassle-free as possible. We capably handle all types of bail bonds situations and offer knowledgeable advice and guidance to our clients and their families. Our customers are our highest priority and with our knowledge and military-based experience, Bratten Bail Bonds goes above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs on a daily basis – 24/7 – 365!

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