Bail Bonds Kansas City MO Adapts To Spike In Holiday Crime Rates

Bail bonds Kansas City MO agencies along with the legal community are meeting the challenges that come with the increasing rise in crimes in the metro. With the holiday season around the corner, it is expected that the rate of violent crimes, in particular homicides and domestic assault, property crimes, and DUI/DWI arrests will continue to increase. As a result, Bratten Bail Bonds Kansas City MO is answering calls for detainees around the clock.

Holiday crime is occurring at alarming rates and is the busiest time of year for Bratten Bail Bonds Kansas City MO. While the holiday season usually brings families and friends getting together to celebrate, it is a time when crime rates increase. In fact, there have already been more than 150 homicides so far this year in the metro, the highest number in recent years, with 35 more killings than this time in 2019. 

Community leaders say violent crime is a “public health crisis” as Kansas City faces its deadliest year on record.

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) provides statistical data indicating that certain crimes tend to occur each year over the holidays. Burglary, robbery, motor vehicle theft, household theft, rape and sexual assault, homicide, and other forms of violence develop patterns, spiking during the holidays. According to a professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Missouri St Louis, the crimes of robbery and personal larceny always go up over the holidays. 

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There are several common factors that contribute to these crimes. 

Stay-at-home orders and the economic stress of the coronavirus pandemic have contributed to the rise in homicides in 2020. People are frustrated and heartbroken and their ability to resolve conflict peacefully is more difficult than ever, prompting the need for bail bonds Kansas City MO services. 

  • Increased Alcohol Consumption. Many holiday activities include the use of alcohol. People often forget to arrange for a designated driver or another way home. Law enforcement sets up checkpoints for drunk drivers, which leads to DUI/DWI charges. Arrests for people disturbing the peace, fighting, engaging in disorderly conduct, are also common. In addition, when people have too much to drink their perception is impaired, and serious accidents resulting in major injuries and fatalities can lead to criminal charges and incarceration. 
  • Strong Emotions. Strong emotions can cause people to act erratically, and when combined with increased alcohol consumption, it’s like a ticking time bomb. The holidays just seem to bring out the worst in some people, and depression and unhappiness seem more profound, leading to increased domestic violence, self-inflicted wounds, and even suicide. 
  • Theft and Burglary. Companies enacting layoffs and down-sizing just before or during Christmas and New Year’s are a huge trigger for someone experiencing a financial crisis to commit a crime. Also, some people may feel pressured to give gifts they can’t afford, which often leads to some people resorting to theft. 

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