Bail Bondsman Independence MO Can Bail You Out of Jail                     

A bail bondsman Independence MO is regulated by the Missouri Department of Insurance, and Missouri laws are in place to govern the actions of a bail bondsman Independence MO. Anyone arrested in Missouri has the right to get out of jail until a judge or jury determines their guilt or innocence. Getting arrested can be a traumatic experience and most people don’t know what to do next. You will be given an opportunity to call a bail bondsman Independence MO who can help you, your family member, or a friend to obtain your temporary release and you can await your court appearance at home.

Typically, there are five different bonds available to help people get out of jail – a recognizance bond, a cash bond, a 10% cash bond, a surety bond, and a property bond. Sometimes referred to as a signature bond, this bond is usually only offered when only misdemeanor charges are involved, and there are no prior convictions. No money is required for a recognizance bond; the defendant is only required to sign an agreement promising to return for all court hearings.

Depending on the offense, there may be no need for a bond hearing. Jackson County, Missouri courts, pursuant to state law, have bail schedules that include amounts determined for most misdemeanors. If the bail amount is known, the defendant can decide whether to post a cash bond or to contact a co-signer or bail bondsman Independence MO to arrange for a surety bond or property bond.

When bail is set for a misdemeanor and is $2,500 or less, a defendant commonly has the option to pay the entire amount of the bond in cash. Sometimes a co-signer may be required to help with some or all of the payment. 

A surety bond is the most common option when a defendant cannot afford to pay the entire bail amount in cash. A bail bondsman Independence MO will accept a 10%, non-refundable premium and guarantee the entire amount of the bail to the court.   

A property bond is not as common but is an option offered by a bail bondsman Independence MO in lieu of other types of bonds. With a property bond, the court receives a lien on the property and can foreclose if the defendant does not show up for all court hearings.

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