Bratten Bail Bonds: What Sets Us Apart

Why is Bratten Bail Bonds different from other bail bonds companies in the area? First and foremost; our professionalism and ability to mobilize to you when you need it most are our most outstanding qualities; among many. Whether Bratten Bail Bonds provides services to people who need help getting out of jail, or people needing to avoid jail due to a warrant, we have you covered 24/7, 365 days a year. We are always answering the phones to better serve you. Servicing the greater Kansas City metro area since 2003 we believe that everyone deserves life outside of jail until they are determined guilty or innocent by a judge or jury. Not only do we help gain you or your loved one’s freedom, but we also consult and educate you through the entire process. This way you don’t feel stranded in such a stressful time! We’ll keep everything confidential and make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Worried about finances? When you hear a name like Bratten Bail Bonds and see the reviews we have, I’m sure you’re wondering what we could possibly charge. We’re here to assure you – we’ve got you covered. Our numerous financial payment options allow us to give you more options as well. Depending on the crime you are arrested for, determines the amount of bail you have. Most people don’t have bail money on hand to pay a cash bail on the spot; where we come in to save the day! Bratten Bail Bondsman can post a surety bond to secure your freedom. To obtain this, someone (you or someone speaking on your behalf) will need to pay a non-refundable fee which is usually about 10% of your bail. Sometimes this can be paid with collateral, sometimes it can be made in monthly installations, its all dependent on your case.

Speaking of reviews; here’s what some of our clients have to say about Bratten Bail Bonds and their experience with us:

  • “I highly recommend working with Bratten Bail Bonds for your bail bond needs. I was in a very stressful situation trying to bail out a family member and I called most of the large bail bonds offices in the Kansas City area. Bratten was by far the most professional, efficient, and understanding bail agent I spoke with, so I chose to work with them instead of the competitors” – Sandra Cahill
  • “Bratten Bail Bonds is perfect with all you will need should you or a loved one need help. Twice now they have come to our aid with small bonds that many local bond agency’s seem rude and even mean by comparison.” – Shonda Beck
  • “Very fast service. He’s there to help and very reasonable prices !” – Gina Broadaway, Facebook Review

That’s just a few, you can always check out Google Reviews, or Yelp to see more of our fantastic clients’ own words on how we’ve helped get their loved ones or themselves back to freedom, family, and friends in a timely and professional manner. If we’ve ever helped you or yours, please leave us a review as a thank you! Your experience with us means more than anything else.

We have worked hard to maintain a good name with law enforcement and legal professionals across the state. We are in Kansas City, Missouri, but we service the areas of Liberty, Independence, Grandview, Lees Summit, Blur Springs, Lake of the Ozarks and more. Call Bratten Bail Bonds today, we always answer the phones! (816) 415-4448 or contact us online!