The Process For Arrests And Bail Bonds Kansas City Municipalities

The process for bail bonds Kansas City is a cohesive and efficient process between cities in Jackson County. Upon arrest by city patrol officers or sheriff’s deputies, you will be transported to a local patrol division, city jail or another detention facility, usually whichever is closest to the location of the arrest. You can be held in the local facility for up to 6 hours providing time to post bond for your release. If you do not post bail, you will then be transferred to a Detention Center, which is a short-term county holding facility that receives and processes adult prisoners arrested by law enforcement in cities within Jackson County and other jurisdictions. In some municipalities, when the city facility is at capacity, the Johnson County, Missouri jail may be used to house inmates. However, in some cities, arrestees must be returned to the local facility prior to posting bond.

The Jackson County Warrant Division is comprised of both civilian and commissioned law enforcement personnel who are responsible for processing warrants issued by the Jackson County Circuit Court as well as warrants issued by Jackson County Municipal Court. Deputies are responsible for the apprehension, extradition, and transportation of individuals named on a warrant. They are often required to travel to other jurisdictions to take custody of subjects arrested on Jackson County warrants and return them to a Jackson County detention facility.

Bookings at detention facilities can take place at anytime during the day or night. When you are arrested anywhere in the state, you will be transported to a local detention facility, where detention officers will book your arrest, take your photograph, and collect a DNA sample in compliance with Missouri law. During this time, you will have the opportunity to contact a bail bonds Kansas City agent. Once your bail bond amount is determined, your bonds agent will post your bail and the release process will begin, which typically takes an hour or two to complete.

Bratten Bail Bonds Kansas City can post your bail bond at any city jail, county jail, justice center, or any other facility that accepts professional bonds, secured bonds, or surety bonds, and have options for cash only and 10% bonds. Our bonding services are fast, affordable and convenient. When you call, a skilled bail bonds Kansas City agent will meet you where you are. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer you reliable advice and support based on our many years of experience working in Jackson County and surrounding communities. We have established relationships with many legal professionals and law enforcement within Jackson county, and leverage our knowledge and reputation to help you through the entire process and get you or your loved one out of jail fast.

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