Missouri Bail Bonds: Busting the Myths About Bail Bonds

Missouri bail bonds are a type of surety bond by a bail bonds agency that secures the release of a defendant from jail. Many people have misconceptions about how the bail bonds process works. For example, they may think that the only option is to pay a bail bondsman the full amount of their bail in cash. This is one myth among many about how bail bonds really work. 

Here are five examples of myths about a Missouri Bail Bonds company:

  • Myth #1. Accepts Cash Only. No, you do not have to front the entire cost of your bail in cash to the bail bondsman. The fact is that there are several different ways to pay bail besides coming up with a lot of cash. All Missouri bail bonds agencies accept some form of collateral to secure the bond, and the defendant or their family pays a percentage of the total bail amount. Most agencies offer payment options, as well.
  • Myth #2. Gets Everyone Out of Jail. Sorry, a Missouri bail bonds company cannot technically get anyone out of jail. The court makes the decision as to whether or not bail is even an option. If and when a bail amount is set, a bail bondsman can then help secure the defendant’s release by posting a bail bond so they can be out of jail for the duration of the trial. 
  • Myth #3. Will Negotiate Bail Amount. Bail bond companies have no means of negotiating the amount of bail. Reputable Missouri bail bonds companies act within the confines of state law, which has nothing to do with the bail amount set by the court. 
  • Myth #4. Refunds Fees. Again, no. Generally, once the payment is made according to the set bail amount, the transaction is final in the majority of cases. The payment a Missouri bail bonds agent accepts is to negate their risk by agreeing with the court to put up the full amount on your behalf.
  • Myth #5. Is a Bounty Hunter. A bail bonds agent is not a bounty hunter. While a bail bond company may call on the services of a bounty hunter to find defendants who have skipped out on bail, it is not true in most cases. More often than not, it’s more cost-efficient to charge the person who put up the collateral rather than hire a bounty hunter.

It’s important to separate fact from fiction. Believing the myths gives people the wrong impression and makes them reluctant to trust the Missouri bail bonds industry when in fact most bail bond agents are licensed and trustworthy.

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